Welcome Our New Pastor, Brad Saab

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Brad & Margaret Saab have accepted the calling for Brad to become the next Lead Pastor of Meadow View!  Their current plan is to be here by October 15th, 2012.  Please continue to pray for them as they make this transition to Montana.  Thank you for being faithful and committed to MVCC through this process.  We are excited to see how God will continue to use Meadow View for His Glory!

5 comments on “Welcome Our New Pastor, Brad Saab

  1. I am so glad that Brad will be your next pastor. I had the opportunity to visit your church two weekends ago. I really liked your sermons and your music was beautiful. Such talented and giving people. Thank you all very much. I am very happy that Brad and his wife have joined your church. Brad’s sermon was excellent as well as your other pastor.
    Who do I remember? A nice woman named Evelyn who gave me a warm welcome. I noticed she walked around the whole church greeting everyone. Thank you Evelyn!

  2. Hi all…I attend Team Church in Charlotte, NC and we just heard today that Brad Saab is going to be your new pastor
    Everyone here will miss him a lot, but we wish him well on his new journey
    You are getting a GREAT PASTOR!
    Joleen Koprucki

  3. Wishing Brad and Margaret much happiness at Meadowview Community Church. I am a member of Team Church where he is currently the Associate Pastor. I will miss him so very much but I know God is leading them both to a new place in their spiritual journey. I am excited he is following God’s lead and bringing the Word of God to Missouli.
    Barb Stancliff

  4. As a parent and a volunteer, I have had the extreme blessings of being a part of our youth ministry with Brad Saab. He has done, through the word of God and the blessings of Jesus Christ, an incredible job. Not only has he been our pastor, but he has been a great friend to so many of our youth. AS sad as we are to see him go due to the love and respect we have for him, it is an amazing lesson for us all as we see He and Margaret follow God’s calling. Your church will truly be blessed and we will pray for all of you.

  5. We are members of Team Church, and we also wanted to say how much we will miss Brad & Margaret. They are wonderful people with such a spirit for the Lord. Your church is receiving a fabulous blessing! Brad’s teachings have made such an impact on our lives. We pray your church is blessed by his words as well!

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